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    Paying Attention to Every Detail


Our Mission is to provide an enjoyable customer service experience by working through honesty
and integrity in providing top-quality detailing and photography services for luxury car owners.

Welcome to Auto Mystique Car Care!

Auto Mystique Car Care (AMCC) specializes in car detailing and photography for all types of vehicles. Using innovative methods and a deep scientific understanding of all the products and processes involved, the team at AMCC offers your car the ultimate in reflection and protection through our detailing and paint correction packages.

We are conveniently located just off Sheikh Zayed Road and can even arrange transport and delivery of your car, if you’d prefer.

We strive to live by our slogan - “Paying Attention To Every Detail” at every step of the detailing process and when you drop off your car to us, we’ll make sure she’s truly handled with care.

Booking your car in with us couldn’t be simpler. Please call us on the number below, and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist. We’ll take care of her like she’s one of our own and ensure she’s shining again in no time! We continue to add to the site with new content and images, so please do keep checking back to view our ever growing portfolio, testimonials - and much much more.

We look forward to serving you, The AMCC Team


At AMCC, the products we use have been researched extensively and after undergoing several tests, AMCC takes pride in being of the select few in this region who are using products from multiple suppliers. This ensures that only top quality products are used on your car. All our management and staff have undergone certified training and are well versed with every term in the Dictionary of Detailing.

An entire 4,500 square footage of space is dedicated to our extremely well equipped, modern and purpose built facility (link this to Facilities). With every conceivable detailing tool at our fingertips, we can be sure that we’re prepared for whatever your car specifically needs, whatever the weather.

We are also the first of its kind to combine professional photography and detailing.


When we sat with our designers to produce the layout of our 4,500 square footage workshop, we wanted to create something unique but at the same time create a facility that would meet every requirement of a customer wanting to achieve the ultimate in car detailing. We can proudly say that our facility is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ setup with a truly inimitable concept.

When we say we “pay attention to every detail” we mean it.

Exclusive Wash Area fitted with a professional hot and cold high-pressure washer, with the ability to change temperature depending on the level of contamination on each vehicle. The machine is capable of steaming, highly useful for lifting off any grease and soilage and to produce enough pressure to break down dirt without damaging the surface of a vehicle.

Three fully functional detailing bays means your car will have its own dedicated bay during its occupancy at AMCC. Each bay shall have its own exclusive auto detailer, fully focused on the job at hand.

Specified lighting of the correct temperature has been installed in each bay to ensure that your car is lit in the most perfect way for a detailing job.

A pillar less hydraulic scissor lift has been fitted into each bay, allowing us to lift vehicles of all sizes in both comfort and safety. Lifting your car to eye level and higher will enable a better view of your car and will provide us with the ability to work on hard-to-reach areas at ease, something that could not be achieved by having your car at ground level.

A studio feature within our facility shall be used for final inspections and professional photography. Our state-of-the-art studio has been fitted with a 60 ft. Chimera light bank for the perfect viewing experience. Should you want to pose for some pictures with your polished car or simply have some ultra-high quality images of your car on its own, we’ll be able to offer you this additional service in house. Check out our Studio link for further details.

Products and tools that shall be used on your car have been carefully hand-picked after several years of research and testing. Different cars will tend to have different paintwork finishes and therefore rather than taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we will have the right kit for your specific car at all times.

To sum up, when you drop your car off to AMCC, she’ll be so well pampered that she’ll want to keep coming back.


Your car’s security is of utmost importance to us. This is why for your car’s protection, and for ours, our facility is fully insured for theft/vandalism, fire and accidental damage. Our policy covers us for all types of cars, be it low or high value. Our 24 hour recorded CCTV system will also ensure we all get a good night’s sleep, knowing that your car is safe in our workshop.
Should you want additional information and specifics of the insurance policy we have, we will be happy to share this with you at the time of booking in your car.