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“Paying Attention to Every Detail”


Cleaning up the city,
One car at a time.
Experience our ultimate car wash.


A systematic application of varying grades of
compound & polish to achieve unbelievable results.
Working on every curve. Always.


Adding an extra layer to your paint
to safeguard the surface for an
extended period of time.


Shaving off a microscopic layer of a paint surface
using abrasive paper to leave a mirror-like
surface with unparalleled gloss levels.


A film coating installed on glass surfaces
to reduce the amount of infrared & UV
radiation thereby reducing heat levels.


A complete interior deep cleanse and vacuum
including fabrics, plastics rubbers & inner glass.
A layer of protection added for best results.


Repairing metal damage when safe to do
so, ideal for scratches & scuffs to restore
the rim to looking like new!


HDR images in a state-of-the-art studio
under a 60 ft. chimera light bank, personalized
to your preferences. Like none other.


Video clips of your car in a controlled environment
of a studio highlighting your car’s special features
and paying attention to every little detail!


Auto Mystique Car Care (AMCC) specializes in car detailing and photography for all types of vehicles. Using innovative methods and a deep scientific understanding of all the products and processes involved, the team at AMCC offers your car the ultimate in reflection and protection through our detailing and paint correction packages. All our management and staff have undergone certified training and are well versed with every term in the Dictionary of Detailing.

We strive to live by our slogan - “Paying Attention To Every Detail” at every step of the detailing process and when you drop off your car to us, we’ll make sure she’s truly handled with care.

Booking your car in with us couldn’t be simpler. Please call us on the number below, and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist. We’ll take care of her like she’s one of our own and ensure she’s shining again in no time! We continue to add to the site with new content and images, so please do keep checking back to view our ever growing portfolio, testimonials - and much much more.

We look forward to serving you, The AMCC Team


An entire 4,500 square footage of space dedicated to our extremely well equipped, modern and purpose built facility. With every conceivable detailing tool at our fingertips, we can be sure that we’re prepared for whatever your car specifically needs, whatever the weather.


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    Thank you AMCC for bringing a vehicle, that I originally thought was in ‘good shape’, back to life. It looks like it just left the factory; interior/exterior have come up quite literally like ‘new’! You have most certainly ‘paid attention to every detail’.

    Philip Smith

    Mercedes Benz G55

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    AMCC - Auto Mystique Car Care - have a unique approach to car care. Their highly skilled and experienced team have mastered the art of detailing. I had some dried up watermarks on the bonnet and around the front of the car that would always stand out after a car wash. After paying a visit to AMCC for an inspection we decided to go for a full detailing package that would include #gtechniq nanotechnology coating which would protect the paint and finish the car with a glossy look. They said that they would need 5 – 6 days to carry out the whole process which seemed long at the time and as they ran me through their process I realized that these guys take car care very seriously. All of a sudden it didn’t matter how long they took because I knew the finish would be to the highest level. I was planning on paying them a visit every day that my car was there but they would send daily updates with pictures of the progress which were enough to keep me satisfied and confident, even in front a computer screen. The results were amazing, when I drove my car out of their facility it was as if I was driving out of a showroom. The pictures speak for themselves! GOOD JOB TEAM AMCC!! WISHING YOU ALL THE SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE!

    Ali Akbar

    Subaru WRX STi

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    Thoroughly impressed with AMCC's service right from the moment you walk in the door. Their attention to detail is impeccable and the end result clearly shows the amount of effort put in. I have never seen a car detailer as good as AMCC. Every dirham put into the detailing package is well spent. I couldn't even bear to drive the car out of their premises since their team has worked so hard on the car for 3 days! To make things even better, their purpose-built photo studio is one-of-a-kind. Glad I had some nice snaps taken of my shiny ride. Thanks AMCC for making my car look even better than showroom quality. Definitely will come back and highly recommended to all!

    Brian Soon

    Ford Mustang GT

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    I shouldn't be doing this whilst driving but couldn't resist. You guys did a brilliant job. Great feeling when driving. Thank you very much. May Allah grant you success.
    Ps. I'll recommend it to Gargash also.

    Askary Khimjee

    Mercedes Benz S400

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    Highly recommend AMCC. Took my CLS 63 AMG, wasn't sure of what package to go with but the staff was very helpful and suggested the enhancement package. They kept the car for 2 days and delivered what they had promised. The car looked band new, in and out even though the enhancement package was one of the lower packages. They really paid attention to every detail! I also went for the car photo shoot which I didn't know what to expect but they really impressed me with their amazing facilities and the pictures were mind blowing. Just loved the pictures!!
    Thanks AMCC

    Shane Hemani

    Mercedes Benz CLS 63

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    Took my car to AMCC and the results were awesome! I'm not a big car person but I will be sending all my cars to AMCC. My car has been barely washed in the past 1 year and AMCC made me feel like it was brand new when I picked it up. I chose one of the lower packages so the better packages must be amazing.

    Kumail Khalfan

    Infiniti QX80

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    I love my car and my friends usually make jokes about how crazy I am about every detail of it. I wash and detail my car myself, yes even in the car wash !!! Well, during my last effort to detail my car I had some major issues with a defected clay bar, which left major surface scratches on my car and caused sleepless nights. So when I was looking for a detailing place in Dubai, I only wanted the best. Through all my research, a recommendation came from a friend on the UAE Subaru Forum, I found "Auto Mystique Car Care".

    Let me start by telling you, my own family members are in the detailing game in the UK and I consider myself an expert. So I wanted high end processes and products and I also wanted Ceramic Coating. If you haven't heard of this then I suggest you research it. This is the newest technology in Car Care.

    I met Zuhair, Shane and Andrew and all of a sudden...I knew nothing !!

    I was so impressed with their purpose built work area. I didn't even ask my usual 100 questions, what's your process, what do you do etc etc.

    Shane recommended a Gold Package with Gtecniq Ceramic Coating and said..."Ill need it for 8 days" !!! I thought, Who is this crew that wants to keep my car for 8 days ?? Who does that ???

    As soon as he said this I had an immense amount of confidence. Here is a serious company. They don't think about, get the car in and out. They want to do this job and do it properly.

    I've got to say, they did it properly. The meticulous care and attention they gave to me as a customer and my car, simply put "Amazing". I have never come across such a professional outfit in my life and trust me, I have seen loads.

    The results were mind-blowing. You can see that in the pics and in reality, the car looks better than the showroom finish I had and is now ready for a show.

    They have raised the bar so high with their process, customer care and results, personally I think a lot of people will find it hard to keep up. So in my opinion, I'm saying if you're looking for a truly outstanding car detailing company you should go here.

    Thank you so much, I pray god gives you every success in your new business.

    Irfan Dean

    Subaru Impreza STI

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